Hiring Guide e-book on Sale for only $1.99

A great introduction on HOW TO HIRE employees, this practical guidebook will help you to succeed in hiring better people. This e-book is on sale this week only for only $1.99 (sale ends 12/14/13). Regular price is $4.99 as en e-book, $12.99 in print version. Who should read this guidebook? Managers, supervisors, and business owners. This guidebook is …

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How to Hire Good Employees

Do you need practical help learning how to hire good employees? If so, we recommend an excellent guidebook on the subject: EMPLOYER'S GUIDE TO HIRING PEOPLE. This book covers the following topics: Assessing your staffing needs (Do you really need to hire someone? What kind of worker?) Advertising your job openings and deciding who to …

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Where can I get a Job Applicant Evaluation Form?

When conducting Job Interviews, it is best to have an Applicant Evaluation Form to keep track of each candidate you see.  The evaluation form can include candidate ranking, salary range, and other necessary notes.  For some free samples, please see Genuine HR, an HR resource company that designs policy guidebooks covering topics like Hiring: http://genuinehr.com/sample-forms/job-applicant-evaluation-forms/

How do you Hire Great Employees?

   Looking for a practical guidebook to successful hiring? This guidebook is aimed at Small Business owners, managers, and supervisors, covering the whole hiring process. Employer’s Guide to Hiring People guides you through everything from planning your staffing needs to advertising your job openings, from conducting interviews to completing New Hire paperwork. Price is only $7.99 in an e-book …

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