Employee Discipline

One of the least favorite things to do as a supervisor is to discipline an employee. No one likes to confront another person, but sometimes we have to. You might be tempted to ignore a problem, but if you do so it will just get worse. In addition, by not providing correction, you are being neglectful towards that employee. How can they ever do their best if they aren’t told when something’s not acceptable? You need to deal with the problem, so you might as well deal with it in an expert way.

Target the Work Not the Worker bookFor any manager, supervisor, or business owner wanting to improve their skills in discipling employees, we would recommend reading the book Target the Work, Not the Worker by Eric Lorenzen.

The book is available at Amazon in print and ebook.

Target the Work, Not the Worker is a concise, step-by-step guide on how to warn employees, write up troublemakers, and fire those employees who can’t be salvaged.

  • Learn the 4 steps of discipline, what progressive discipline means, and how to document poor performance.
  • Understand how to control your own attitude and responses.
  • Get a better understanding of why employees sometimes fail and the importance of not guessing at what might be their motivations.
  • Master the when, where, how, and what of any disciplinary meeting.
  • Understand what laws to watch out for when firing an employee.

“Target the Work, Not the Worker will help you become a more effective leader for your team.” Target the Work, Not the Worker is part of the How to be a Better Boss series and is intended as a general business guidebook, addressing the needs of managers, supervisors, and small business owners in the USA.

This is a book worth considering for any manager who want to sharpen their employee discipline skills.

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