How do I hire an employee for our church?

Is it time to hire an employee for your church?  If so, then you need to consider a few things in advance:

1. Will this person be Support Staff or Pastoral Staff?  Support staff (like office staff, janitors, gardeners, technicians, etc.) are NOT ordained and so most labor laws apply to them (OT, discrimination, lunch/rest breaks, and so on).  Pastoral staff are ordained or licensed and “minister” as a major part of their job (teaching pastor, Bible teacher in church school, youth pastor, etc.). 

2. Will this position be Salaried or Hourly?  A salaried, or exempt, position is either supervisory or ministerial and is usually exempt from OT and other Wage and Hour Compensation laws.  Hourly, or non-exempt, positions can earn overtime.  Most support staff are usually hourly.

3. Will this position be Full-Time or Part-Time?  Part-time employees often see their hours fluctuate according to church needs.  Full-time employees have a more settled schedule with at least a minimum amount of hours per week.  Most define full-time as either 40 hours or 32 or more hours per week.

Ready for all the New Hire paperwork?  When that new employee starts, you will have to complete the required forms, including the Form I-9 and Form W-4.  Also, you will need to report that new hire to the state.  For help on that whole process, consider the guidebook New Hire Forms for your Church.  This e-book costs just $6.97 and guides you through the whole paperwork process.  The guidebook is published by Loyal Guide:

Load the guidebook on your computer, laptop, eReader, or even on your smart phone, for quick reference.

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