What is New Hire Reporting?

Federal law requires all states to maintain a New Hire Registry.  You, as an employer, must report any new hire within 20 days (or even faster in some states).   Most states allow you to report your New Hires online, simplifying paperwork.

The main reason for these registries is to allow states to forward any Wage Garnishment Orders for child support or other court ordered payments. This helps states to catch those who are trying to avoid such obligations.

Where can I find help with New Hire Reporting?  Finding the information at your state’s website can be difficult.  Try searching the state website with terms like “new hire reporting”, “new hire registry”, or “child support enforcement”.

You might want to consider purchasing an inexpensive guidebook that covers New Hire reporting, paperwork (I-9, W-4, E-Verify) and other essentials.  Download one of these books to your computer, laptop, tablet, ereader, or even your smart phone.  The price is only $2.99.  This guidebook is published by Loyal Guide, a leading publisher of practical business guidebooks:

Hiring Paperwork cover3available from Amazon for only $2.99 as an e-book.

One thought on “What is New Hire Reporting?

  1. Akatsuki

    Bad credit indicates all types of stuff for a potential employer. If you’re in dire straits, you may skip town or move back in with your parents. If you can’t make commitments to creditors, will you show up to work every day? If you make late payments, will you show up to work late? It sounds funny, but it’s true. It’s a measure of responsibility, like anything else.A person with good credit is essentially more responsible than someone with poor credit, any way you slice it.

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