How do I fill out a Form I-9?

Every employer must struggle with an I-9 Form, for it is required with each New Hire.  The new employee completes Section 1, while the employer/manager/supervisor completes Section 2.  (Section 3 is done at a later date- if at all)  So what goes where?  Which IDs can a New Hire show you?  You want to make sure this form is completed correctly because you are held legally responsible for it.

Why must I fill out an I-9 Form?  A completed I-9 is mandatory for every hire, by federal law. It is used both for US citizens and non-citizens. With this form you will:
1) verify a person’s identity
2) verify that he or she can legally work in the USA.

This is a legal document that you must sign. By signing an I-9, you (the business owner, manager, or supervisor) are swearing, under PENALTY OF PERJURY, that you have reviewed the individual’s IDs and verified that person’s identity and ability to work in the USA.

Is there anyone who does not fill out an I-9?   Exceptions: There are only a few exceptions to this rule. You do NOT need to fill out an I-9 for any of the following:

  1. Independent contractors
  2. Employees of a leasing or temp agency
  3. Employees not physically working on US soil
  4. Job Applicants (only used for those you actually hire)

 Where can I find help to fill this form out correctly?  There is an inexpensive ebook that provides excellent step-by-step directions for completing an I-9 (plus other New Hire forms like Form W-4, New Hire Reporting, E-Verify Program, etc.)  Download one of these books to your computer, laptop, tablet, ereader, or even your smart phone.

Hiring Paperwork cover3 available from Amazon for only $2.9 as an e-book.

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