What do I need for OSHA safety compliance?

OSHA safety compliance is essential for any business, non-profit, or ministry.  Regulations vary widely, depending on your industry, location, and size, but there are some essentials that all should consider:
1. Safety signs, labels, and tags
2. Safety supplies
3. Safety posters
4. Safety reporting and manuals

1. Safety signage:  Every organization needs basics like Exit signs and  No Parking signs.  You also may need safety labels or safety tags for equipment, machines, or valves.  See Seton for a full assortment of your needed safety signage-

or see Emedco for your safety signs:

Emedco Sale 468*60

2. Safety Supplies:  Every organization needs basic safety supplies, like Wet Floor Signs, Fire Extinguishers, and Spill Kits.  If you deal with any hazardous materials, chemicals, or pesticides, consider a Hazardous Materials Kits. See C&H for a thorough assortment of safety supplies and storage kits-

C&H - Business and Industrial Equipment

3. Safety Posters:  Many industries are also required to post certain OSHA safety posters where all their employees can view them.  See Personnel Concepts for any required safety posters-

4. Safety reporting and manuals: In addition to all safety signs and labels, may organizations are required to provide regular safety reporting.  See previous posting on:
OSHA 300 Form
Safety manuals are another requirement in some states (like CA), depending on your industry.  Please see your insurance provider for guidance on what is required for your organization.
Finally, a good employee handbook with a basic safety policy is recommended for any organization, whether business, non-profit or ministry:
Business Employee Handbook
Church Staff Handbook
Non Profit Staff Handbook

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