Is your Business ready for an Earthquake?

Are you prepared for an earthquake or other natural disaster?  Your business should plan ahead for a natural disaster, considering the safety of 1)customers, 2) employees, and 3) records.

Customer and Employee Safety: Be sure that you are ready in the following areas:
1. Basic protection- smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, Haz-mat spill kits, etc.   Need spill kits, fixtures, etc.?  See C&H:

C&H - Business and Industrial Equipment

2. Furniture and Fixture securing- Anchor tall fixtures to prevent them from tipping over
3.  Escape routes- exits well-marked and kept clear   Need exit signs or other safety signage?  See Seton:

4. Evacuation plan- have a pre-designated gathering place should you have to leave the building.  Determine who is responsible for making sure customers have exited.

Records Safety: Protect your important computer files with a remote backup system.  Do not risk losing your records in the midst of a disaster.  Consider an off-site service to secure your records, like Mozy:

File Protection

Are your HR Policies ready for an earthquake?  Be sure that your Employee Handbook includes a policy on natural disaster and inclement weather.  Do you pay employees when the office is closed?  For how many days?  What type of weather is acceptable for missing work?  If you do not have these policies already in writing, it may be time for an updated Employee Handbook:
Employee Handbook Service
Church Employee Handbook
NPO Staff Handbook

Back up plans for Supplies and Materials:  What supplies and materials are necessary for your business to operate?  Do you have a list of back-up suppliers in case your primary supplier is knocked out-of-service?

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