Hiring Process- Where can I post Online Want Ads?

What are my options for posting Want Ads online?  There are many places where you can advertise your new job openings.  Even local newspapers will offer to put your print want ads online.  With so many services to consider, it can get confusing.  What will be the best option for your company?  What can you afford?  The various Job Boards can be sorted into three categories:

1. Major Job Boards:  This group gives you a large audience from which to find qualified candidates.  However, want ads published here can become expensive, so make sure it fits into your budget.

www. monster.com


2. Specialty Job Boards: This group has a smaller audience, but cater to particular job niches like executives, scientists, techs, HR specialists, etc.




3. Free Job Boards:  This group does not charge for basic job postings, but often offer “premium” postings for a price.  Some, like Indeed, will also pull from the other job boards and provide job seekers with a large mix of job openings.  Some in this group have grown very large.




Should you decide that the free job boards are the best option for you, consider using a paid service that will do the work of posting to each “free” job board.  ZipRecruiter is one such company:

Post your jobs free with Zip Recrruiter!

Do you need more help with the Hiring Process, especially New Hire paperwork?  Consider purchasing a guidebook  for only $6.97.  All three ebooks listed below are published by Loyal Guide, a leading publisher of practical business guidebooks:

Employer’s Guide to New Hire Forms

Retailer’s Guide to New Hire Forms

New Hire Forms for your Church

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