Should I use an Employee Handbook service?

What are the benefits of using an Employee Handbook Service?  When it is time to create an Employee Handbook for your business, non-profit, or church, it is often helpful to use an HR consulting company to do the work for you.

3 options for creating an Employee Handbook:

1. DIY– You can download an Employee Handbook template (pricing ranges from $50 to over $350) and create your own handbook.  A good, thorough template usually costs at least $200.  After the purchase, you will have to put in many hours to customize it to your organization.  (Expect at least 20 hours of work- more if you need to research labor laws)  This option works if you have the available time and a good knowledge of applicable labor laws.

2. Employee Handbook service– You can utilize an HR consulting company to professionally design your employee handbook.  The cost is higher (pricing starts about $725, depending on your size/ location/ industry), but it will actually save you time and money.  The HR consulting company reviews your current policies and benefits.  Your time investment usually consists of a 1-2 hour conference call and taking the time to read the actual Employee Handbook drafts.  The HR consulting company can even design customized policies specific to your organization.
Employee Handbook for Business

Church Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook for Non-Profit Organization

3. Attorney- designed Employee Handbook:  Should you be in an industry that is highly regulated or have a concern for lawsuits, then consider hiring an Employment Law Attorney to design your next handbook.  The cost is much more (pricing can range from $2,500 to over $5,000) but you will have an airtight Employee Handbook that will cover all the applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

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