What New Hire forms do I need?

When hiring new employees, what forms are needed?  What new hire forms are helpful?  New Hire forms fall into the following categories:
1. Legally-required Forms and Posters
2. HR Forms that help you get the job done

Legally-Required Forms and Posters– Be sure to have all of the following items when hiring employees:
Form I-9 put out by the USCIS, a division of Homeland Security.  All new hires must fill out this form.
Form W-4 put out by the IRS.  All new hires must fill out this form
State Federal Labor Law Posters  Required postings by Federal and State agencies.  Purchase an all-in-one poster for easier compliance.
OSHA Safety Posters  Certain industries require different OSHA postings to alert employees of safety requirements.  Purchase an all-in-one poster for easier compliance.

HR Forms that help you get the job done–  Consider custom-designed HR forms to help your business run smoothly, from interviewing all the way through the hiring process:

Employment Application– Designed for your specific need, with the right questions and information requests.  Only $39 per page.
Applicant Evaluation Form– Evaluate each candidate professionally.  Customized to your business.  Only $39 per page.
Emergency Information Form– Get the right information into your personnel files.
New Hire Paperwork Checklist– Make sure all the correct forms are completed Does the employee have the correct company property issued, the proper IDs, passwords, etc.

Consider buying a Guidebook to help you with your New Hire Forms.  For only $2.99, one of these e-books is a great investment, filled with useful links and step-by-step instructions concerning the following:
1. Form I-9
2. Form W-4
3. New Hire Reporting
4. E-Verify Program
5. Those other forms

Available from Amazon for only $2.99 as an e-book.Hiring Paperwork cover3

One thought on “What New Hire forms do I need?

  1. Pandu

    Reference checks are typically done after an interview not before, so that’s not the problem.Have you been at your current job only a very short time? If you’ve only been there a couple of months (or anything less than a year or two really), and are already looking for a new job that is a real warning sign to potential employers that you may do the same thing to them after a couple of months. Other than that, make sure you’re well dressed when you drop off your application or resume, and have at least one other person who has a really keen eye for detail look it over before you do. I’ve tossed a number of applications when working retail for too many spelling mistakes, forgetting to sign the application, filling it out in pencil, etc. As a professional now I’ve tossed even more resumes for horrible spelling and grammar or just being a really lack-luster resume.

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